If you are looking for a fun activity for your team to do that isn’t cheesy or boring, there are a few options. Some are tried and true activities that are always a hit, while others are new and exciting. Take a look at these suggestions for your next team-bonding experience.

Sports Game

Most people enjoy watching sporting events, or at least eating the food and hanging out in a more relaxed setting. Sports teams help bond groups naturally if members root for the same team. Even if they are fans of different teams, the group will have learned something about one another. Low cost sports games options include baseball and basketball. Each is played in a different season, so both summer and winter activities will have this as an available option.

Laser Tag

Getting into the spirit of competition and giving your team members a chance to let loose is always a crowd-pleaser. Laser tag is usually fairly inexpensive and something people have fun doing. Not all laser tag places are created equal, however. Be sure to do some research into laser tag places nearby to see which ones have the most fun rooms. The best laser tag places have multiples levels and lots of places to hide. Many laser tag companies even include mirrors to add a bit of creativity to the shots. Sometimes one team member can take the competition too seriously and create a sour experience for everyone. If you know your team well, you can decide if this team experience would be fun or a fail.

Escape Room

A more adult adventure that’s been gaining popularity is that of escape rooms. These team bonding activities usually take an hour or two depending on how quickly your team can figure out the puzzles. No matter what city you live in, you’re bound to find a few escape room places nearby with a possible theme you think your team would resonate with.


For a wholesome bonding experience that everyone can jump on board with, especially if it’s during work hours, is volunteering. Whether you organize a Christmas party for a local shelter, help a non-profit like Habitat for Humanity, or serve lunch at a local school, your team can feel good about positively contributing to your community. It may even be a brand exposure opportunity if you remember to take some pictures and write a little something for a press release.

In-Office Games

If you need a team bonding experience that won’t take too much of your employees’ time and doesn’t cost very much, there are plenty of in-office bonding games you can play with your team that aren’t lame. For instance, you can divide the employees into teams and play a trivia or Jeopardy game featuring facts about the office or people in the office (be nice!) and include a prize for the winner. There are also games like “Dare Jenga” that add an element of risk and entertainment to the typical team bonding game experience. You can write dares on the tops of each Jenga block that the person who picks it has to perform. Each dare is secret until it is revealed when the team member chooses it.

Out of these few choices listed above, whichever one you choose will make your next team bonding time a success!